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Remotely connecting reports accessibility

The process of Machine Connect is easy; patient registers in HMS/ Third Party LIMS, tests are added, unique sample Id/barcode is generated in HMS, further, these id and barcode numbers are run in the analyser, sends the results to Interface utility (Blue Pearl), interface utility parses the results, and interface utility updates the patient results in HMS.

How it works

  • patient registers in HMS/ Third-Party LIMS
  • Tests are added
  • Unique sample Id/barcode is generated in HMS
  • These id and barcode numbers are run in the analyser
  • Results are sent to Interface utility (Blue Pearl)
  • Interface utility passes the results
  • Interface utility then updates the patient results in HMS

Cost-effective solution

Revolutionize complete doctor-patient management by automating communications about reports delivery in HMS. Machine connect is a cost-effective solution that enables patient experience securely and remotely.

No data loss

A secured and well-connected platform brings assurance to the patient of their data being stored in one place. They can easily access the information by registering in HMS or Third-part LIMS, where their reports will be generated and stored.

Third-party interface application

Present patient’s records through third-party interfacing via eLabAssist’s Machine Connect solution. All the confidential data is secured and protected from unauthorized access, making it a user-friendly platform. With the help of third-party integration, healthcare professionals can sync all the data in apps with a website patient profile.

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Using eLab Ecosystem

eLab Assist's diagnostic solutions provide healthcare sectors to streamline processes such as booking appointments, receiving reports, digital payment, etc., efficiently, enabling a seamless caregiver experience to their customers through innovation.

We believe in generating results that seek to address healthcare challenges. That's why we have created a platform that delivers results through our most effective and economical diagnostics solutions.

Our innovative products and solutions help our customers to create a more digital and connected experience feasibly. A digital platform that improves patient experience, connectivity, accelerates ROI, and so much more!

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