Healthcare Service Platform

Digital platform delivering real-time experience to patients and doctors

Keep track of patient records anywhere

We have designed a platform for every unique use case to meet their preferences and clinical workflows. With our Healthcare Service PLatform, you can provide a customised, end-to-end healthcare solution to improve outcomes across your system. We empower organisations to build simplified processes that can boost operational efficiency across all departments! Implementing digital solutions into your healthcare organisation enables you to derive value by improving patient engagement and overall experience.

Improve quality care

Update the patient’s upcoming checkups, condition, schedules, prescription, etc., in Healthcare Service PLatform. You can easily notify the patients about their health and resolve their queries in real-time. Because of easy consultation availability, you can improve patient quality care virtually.

Patient health monitoring

Access your patient's records anytime, anywhere! Monitor the health of the patient's condition and treatment from the start till the end of the treatment and store all the confidential data for further consultation, prescribing the right medication at the right time.

Increase patient’s partnership, trust & transparency

Patient partnership, trust and transparency can only be achieved when the user is assured. Privacy is of utmost importance, along with easy access to accurate reports and doctor consultations. Our eHMS platform ensures all the patient reports are safe and secured for you to provide the best quality care.

Remote scheduling and appointments

Provide the best to your patients remotely! Transform your healthcare sectors digitally by offering remote scheduling and appointments to your patients. Our Healthcare Service Platform allows the patients to check doctors availability and for doctors to view their calendars and update follow up appointments.

Real-time progress updates

Doctors can view their patients' progress in real-time, preventing any misfortunes at early stages. Instead of waiting for the reports, doctors and patients can check and update the results of the reports instantaneously as the health condition changes from time to time.

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Using eLab Ecosystem

eLab Assist's diagnostic solutions provide healthcare sectors to streamline processes such as booking appointments, receiving reports, digital payment, etc., efficiently, enabling a seamless caregiver experience to their customers through innovation.

We believe in generating results that seek to address healthcare challenges. That's why we have created a platform that delivers results through our most effective and economical diagnostics solutions.

Our innovative products and solutions help our customers to create a more digital and connected experience feasibly. A digital platform that improves patient experience, connectivity, accelerates ROI, and so much more!

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