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The internet connection can be a substantial challenge for small labs, considering how healthcare sectors are digitising their facilities to provide a better healthcare experience to their patients. Not many small labs have the advantage to automate their labs and provide a similar kind of experience as large-scale labs. And that’s why we have designed eLabLite for small-scale labs so that they can experience and implement our offline software that helps them manage all their applications and software without connecting to the internet.

No internet needed

For all those internet connection issues, we have built a platform that is a lighter and limited functionality version of eLabAssist, which runs without an internet connection. It is a backup application in case of internet interruption and allows data backup on the cloud.

Operating system independent

eLabLite can run on any device or Operating system. It offers cross platform compatibility and works on Windows, Linux, Android and Apple devices. Improve healthcare reliability, scalability, performance and manageability by using our Offline Pathology Lab Management System.

Minimal costing

Reduce the cost of hardware and standard software requirement with eLabLite offline system. It is a cost-effective product that has minimal operating and maintenance costs to scale healthcare performance. It offers real-time support, and the only requirement you need is IT consultancy.

Data synchronization

Synchronize offline data with the eLabAssist platform (a cloud-based system that enables you with higher features) and vice versa. We support registration through SMS. Download and print reports on our online platform and export them to PDF, Excel and CSV format.

Freedom to upgrade

eLabAssist users have the freedom to upgrade by synching all the test registrations and results with eLabLite. In case of internet interruption, our offline platform enables you to print the reports, and all the data created through eLabLite can be easily synced back to eLabAssist.

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eLab Assist's diagnostic solutions provide healthcare sectors to streamline processes such as booking appointments, receiving reports, digital payment, etc., efficiently, enabling a seamless caregiver experience to their customers through innovation.

We believe in generating results that seek to address healthcare challenges. That's why we have created a platform that delivers results through our most effective and economical diagnostics solutions.

Our innovative products and solutions help our customers to create a more digital and connected experience feasibly. A digital platform that improves patient experience, connectivity, accelerates ROI, and so much more!

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