Integrated Hospital Management system for seamless healthcare delivery experience

Streamlining patient management workflows

Reimagine the healthcare delivery experience with our next generation eHMS (Hospital Management System) that allows you to automate and digitize healthcare tasks to increase overall efficiency and productivity in your Hospital. With the help of our smart platform, you can track your out-patients, in-patients, billing and finance, admission and discharge, laboratory, pharmacy module, inventory, etc. In small clinics or large hospital chains, the easy configuration in the system helps you get onboarded very quickly. This system is integrated with medical devices and third-party applications. It is cloud-hosted, available on all devices at all times and provides a Covid-19 patient tracking module.

Automate patient management

Patient paperwork is a critical everyday healthcare task, and so our eHMS system provides customized capabilities to improve efficiency and drive innovation. From digitizing help desk processes to patient admission and discharge, automate all your patient-related workflows in one place!

Reduce healthcare workforce burnouts

Workforce burnouts in healthcare sectors are inevitable. One cannot avoid them, but they can definitely reduce them. Our eHMS system is a cloud-based platform, offering automation capabilities and real-time visibility of everyday doctor-patient workflows, making healthcare life simpler and better.

AI increases accuracy and predictability

eHMS is designed to deliver outstanding technology experience to hospitals, clinics and other medical sectors to run all their healthcare processes with ease. Our eHMS system coupled AI technology reduces workloads, enables customised reports and improves overall efficiency by gaining accurate visibility.

Provide easy access to patient history

Monitor medical reports of the patients and track appointment dates and bill payments in real-time on our eHMS cloud-based platform. It provides easy access to the patient history and can be accessible in multiple locations with ease.

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eLab Assist's diagnostic solutions provide healthcare sectors to streamline processes such as booking appointments, receiving reports, digital payment, etc., efficiently, enabling a seamless caregiver experience to their customers through innovation.

We believe in generating results that seek to address healthcare challenges. That's why we have created a platform that delivers results through our most effective and economical diagnostics solutions.

Our innovative products and solutions help our customers to create a more digital and connected experience feasibly. A digital platform that improves patient experience, connectivity, accelerates ROI, and so much more!

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