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Capture all sample and patient data

Our BioBank platform allows you to create and configure the field necessary for critical data. Sample data, patient data and test results collected for biological specimens are stored in our cloud-based software. It is designed to meet your specific data-capturing needs.

Availability of sample storage location

Quickly search the sample you are looking for in our BioBank Platform, ensuring no wastage of time and no lost samples! Availability of sample storage location can be easily tracked and obtained, and you can understand the sample integrity and quality in real-time.

Ensure clinical data integrity

Capture and record every change made in the sample record in real-time. Our cloud-based software ensures you have all the important information about the specific changes and provides original value for each revised data field.

Biological specimen data available in one place

Search all your specific data based on the criteria in the data field in one place! Add, update and create a data field seamlessly where you can easily share the curated list of sample collection retrieval with the authorised professionals.

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